Friday, 24 July 2015

Finally khanabadosh gets the place!

Everyone of us try utmost to turn our dreams into reality and when they come true, one cannot express immense happiness into words. One such dream of Amar Sindhu, who is writer, women rights activist and teacher in Sindh University Jamshoro, turned into reality with establishment of Khanabadosh Writers Cafe at Sindh Museum, Hyderabad.

Having an idea of creating a space for the writers, intellectuals, poets, creative people, Amar Sindhu along with Arfana Mallah, who is also women rights activist and teacher at SU, and her team strived hard and finally she succeeded.

The idea is similar to that of Lahore's Pak Tea House and Karachi's The Second Floor (T2F), where creative people meet, share their ideas, debate on all issues including politics without any fear or restrictions.


Khanabadosh cafe was formally inaugurated in a wonderful and colorful ceremony, which was largely attended by writers, poets, intellectuals, journalists and people from different walks of life. Amongst others Naseer Mirza, Imdad Hussaini, Sehar Imdad, Tanveer Junejo, Khalid Khokhar, Taj Joyo, Qalander Shah Lakiyari and graced the event with their presence. Renowned poetess Rubina Abro shared her thoughts and poetry in the event, hosted by Arfana Mallah. Later, a musical night started with Shah Abdul Latif's sufi poetry by the performers of Bhittai's shrine, while Agha Sanaullah and Rajib Faqeer entertained the people by their melodious voice.

The cafe's place was obtained by the Culture Department, Government of Sindh, on rent and it remains opened from 11 AM to 11 PM.

Having a place like Khanabadosh in Hyderabad, where no such place exists, will prove helpful to dream collectively for the progress of society and will also bring out creativity in new comers specially the youth.

Previously, new comers specially the youth hardly find a place, where they can express themselves freely, but Khanabadosh is providing them the opportunity to not only express themselves but to also have interaction with renowned intellectuals to learn from their experiences.


Besides playing the role of launching pad for the young generation, such places can also lead to revolutions, political moments as they provide an opportunity to gather, discuss and share the ideas with each other.

Despite financial constraints and other problems, Amar Sindhu and her team took this initiative to revive the glories of past cafes and i wish them all the very best to take the Khanabadosh Cafe to the new heights and explore young creative people as it says in its slogan "Khanbadosh Writers Cafe-where creativity meets".

This write-up has also been published in Online Indus News.
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